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For daily forage or straw harvesting operations, you need more than just robust operational machinery; you need technology that works and that is quite simply a pleasure to work with – reliable technology that works in unison when the going gets tough and when there seems to be no end in sight. And what's more, you need harvesting systems that piece together seamlessly.


As fast as they come.


With the market launch of the ROLLANT 455 / 454 range, CLAAS is introducing a round baler unrivalled in performance.


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The ROLLANT 300 range balers are the prime choice for cost-effective silage, hay and straw baling – their reliability is legendary.


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ROLLANT 350 / 340

For efficient baling.


ROLLANT is the highest-selling silage baler worldwide. With leading, highly dependable technology, our systems guarantee perfect results under all conditions.


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VARIANT 385-360

By sunset the baling is all done, but you've still got energy to spare.


It makes no difference whether you are baling hay, straw or silage: high work rates and quality bales are consistently achieved – all year round, of course.


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